A handful of us have been victims of our ATM cards being seized by the Automated Teller machine and when this happens, it leaves us devastated.

Have we been curious to really know the reason why this is so?

(I highlighted some words for those who are ITKs. They won’t read in between lines but jump into conclusion).

I would also call on Professionals in the banking sector to add to these points being highlighted so that we too can learn. Before I will start, let’s have a brief Introduction about the ATM. Some of the points were culled from blogs.

An ATM (Automated Teller Machine) which is also called by some other names like ABM (Automated Banking Machine), Cash Machine or Cash Point is a self-help electronic banking device which is networked with financial institutions and performs financial transactions for client.

Modern ATMs can perform a variety of functions including cash withdrawal, cash transfer, cash deposit, utility bills payment, balance inquiry, obtaining the bank statement etc. Despite of all the advantages, ATM cards, Debit cards or Credit cards which are used at ATMs may get swallowed by the machine. There could be several possible reasons for this trouble which I have discussed below.

1- Inserting the card wrongly

There is a way to insert the card in ATM. You can find an arrow on one side of the card which indicates in which direction you have to push it into the card inlet of ATM. But if you do not do that way, ATM might fail to read your card and swallow it instead of returning it.

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