About a week ago, President Muhammadu Buhari presented the 2017 appropriation bill to the National Assembly.

The budget which is a N7.298 trillion proposal will become effective immediately the Assembly approves and passes it back to the president for assent.

What does the 2017 budget contain? BudgIT has made life easier fro everyone with this really good infographics explaining the budget in simple clear language.

BudgIT is a civic organisation driven to make the Nigerian budget and public data more understandable and accessible across every literacy span.

BudgIT’s innovation within the public circle comes with a creative use of government data by either presenting these in simple tweets, interactive formats or infographics.

Below are pictures explaining the budget as prepared by BudgIT in a pdf document:

1. An overview of how the revenue is shared

Nigeria 2017 budget overview

2. This is the proposed benchmark by President Buhari

3. The 2017 budget in charts

The entire Nigeria budget in charts

4. A complete breakdown of the 2017 budget

NIgeria 2017 budget breakdown

5. This explains how the deficit will be financed

How the Nigeria deficit will be financed

6. Where the money to finance the budget will come from is explained thus:

Where the money will come from

7. This is where the government wants to spend the money

How the money will be spent

8. Capital allocations for 2017 are as follows:

Nigeria Capital allocations for 2017

9. And this is how it concludes:

Recurrent expenditure allocation