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We all know the basic laws of attraction and what draws us to the person we happen to be falling for.

Everybody has that strange little something that turns them on. And as it turns out, lots of ladies like the same weird traits in guys.  From grey hair to veiny forearms.

There are actually women who are attracted to short, talkative guys.

Women often give off the vibe that you are nothing if you are not, at least, six feet tall with the chiseled body of a rock star and bulging muscles of a relentless gym rat.

Guys, relax. All of that is apparently banter as it does not reflect the whole truth of what women find attractive.

As opposed to what they’d make you believe, women actually have weird attractions and below are some of the most surprising ones.

Here are 5 surprising things that women find attractive in men!

1. Gray hair

Young women seem to have a thing for gray hair. Not necessarily a full head of it, but just enough speckle of it and you’ll have them drooling all over you.

It’s probably a thing to do with women preferring older men to younger, inexperienced ones.

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