Everything is a trend these days and twins who share the same wardrobe is one trend that is catching on fast. We had earlier reported twin sisters who are Instagram famous for wearing the same outfits and taking gorgeous photos.

The Aneke twins are another group looking to stand out with the same concept but with more of Nigerian fashion. The adult twin sisters who are actresses and movie producers share a special bond and reflect it in their style on social media.

Such a time to be alive when in the past twins were considered a bad omen and were killed. Today, twins can show style in a different way. After all, if it looks good, it’s only right to do it twice.

Aneke twins know what fits their body type so they take time to wear similar outfits and pose for all to see the magic of identical twins. Here are five new photos of the adorable twins which shows their beauty and style in all its glory.

1. Sisi Eko

 Aneke Twins

Source: Instagram, Aneke Twins

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